Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tsaritsino Park

Eric had the day off today so we went on another adventure.  This time we had quite a trek (by subway) to Tsaritsino Park.  The park is huge and apparently in the summer all these mounds of snow are tulip beds.  I look forward to coming back when the days are long and warm!

The palace was eventually bought by Catherine the Great and rebuilt from 1776-85 but was then again ordered torn down and rebuilt in 1786.  The building continued until 1797 and was left unfinished.  My understanding is that she never lived here.  The Russians turned it into a park in 1984.

Somebody fell asleep on the train ride over.

I was facinated by the ducks.  They had a few melted areas in the ice where they swam.  They were not lacking for food, that's for sure!

Eyeing the sword...

He just can't help himself.  He throws himself down and rolls whenever he has a chance!

Scott says he wants to ski...

Back through the forest to find a place to sled.

Apparently vollyball is a year round sport!

Ending with the ice slide on the way out of the park.

There goes the other one!

 What you can't see or hear is the uncontrollable deep belly laugh all they way down the slide and continuing as she lies at the end waiting for someone to pull her off the ice.

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