Sunday, January 29, 2012

Backyard landscaping

We've had a very mild winter this year so we have been able to get outside and do a bunch of yard work.  
This is our side yard while they were putting in the pool.  Lovely.

Over the past month the makings of a garden have been created.  Our neighbor happened to be getting rid of all this stone so we took it off his hands.

Two weeks ago we bought some palm trees.

Eventually we got around to planting the palm trees and adding quality soil to the garden beds.

Friday the mulch was delivered...

The work began with our salvaged wheelbarrow.  Props to Eric on the new wheel because the old one just wasn't working.  Work progressed slowly and carefully until a new wheelbarrow was lent to us to finish the job!

As of now there is mulch and some plants on the side yard.  I also made a sandbox for the kiddos.  I have plans for a fence in front of the pool equipment so you can't see it from the pool and lots more plants.  Oh and I need to plant my garden seeds.

We have a flower bed behind the pool and just need some border and more plants.  Eric will also install lighting.  It was a body aching weekend but it paid off and we are well on our way to a prettier backyard!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

This year's Favorites

This is the second year for Scott and first year for Sydney to do this activity.  
I asked them these questions and had them draw a picture of them self.  If you want to know a bit more about these children then read on...

**disclaimer...I believe Sydney's to be not as accurate as it could be.  Yes she likes princesses but truthfully she prefers boy toys.  She said she wants some girl transformers and today she asked Scott if he wanted to play Toy Story and go get some bad guys.  When Scott wants to play with his toys by himself he tells her to go play barbies.  She just loves her big brother!  

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy is how I would describe Sydney's first sit in the dentist chair today.  
She might of been on her way to falling asleep, I don't know.

I waited until after the cleaning to snap the photos.  This is Sydney after, like a long time after, the hygienist was finished.  She finished, I had to go and get my camera out of the bag, turn it on, talk to Scott, etc.  I told her I was going to take a picture, smile but the girl still has her mouth open.  It was like she was waking up!  Yes, her arm hung off the chair the whole time.  She was very relaxed.

"Give me a thumbs up, Sydney!"

Friday, January 6, 2012


Since our weather has been wonderful the past few weeks I've been digging up a garden bit by bit.  
Today I encouraged them to come outside and play in the dirt/mud.

Dirt quickly turned to mud and one child was all about it.

The other was a bit hesitant.  I will say he was outside barefoot before he asked for shoes and did step on the dirt a couple of times but really wanted to stand on the sidewalk by the pool while digging in the dirt :o)

OK, next up the play by play...
Sydney is having a great time in the mud and really talking it up so Scott gets off the picnic bench and asks, "Can I touch your mud?"  He means with that one finger there.

"Sure!" says Sydney.
Scott takes off his shoes.

He stands on the edge of the grass and asks, "How am I suppose to get over there?" 
I say, "Walk on the dirt, step in the mud."  I think there was a moment that Sydney stretched the shovel as close to him as possible.  
Apparently she couldn't leave the mud to reach him while Scott couldn't go in the mud.

"Never mind.  I've been joking," he says and the shoes go back on.

Leaves more for Sydney.


First day of dance class was last Tuesday.  
Cute, cute, cute.

These were taken after class in a hurry to get some food before we had to get Scott from school.

1/2 the class is ballet and 1/2 is tap.  I think there is some jazz somewhere in there too.