Sunday, July 31, 2011

Time to go!

We made it back to Russia in one piece!  The flight went pretty smooth once again.  It wasn't the most comfortable sleeping arrangements on the plane but we knew what we were getting ourselves into--perhaps that was the problem.  So it's 2:30am right now and Sydney and I are wide awake after sleeping for about 4 hours.  At least I know we will adventually get back to a normal sleep pattern.

Same terminal as last time made it easy to locate the Wendy's.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sydney's muse

Who is it that Sydney is drawing?

It's pretty obvious to me.  She's really captured the features perfectly.

It's Uncle Jon!!  And this is Sydney and Uncle Jon one year ago this July.  Where has the time gone?!

School's out for Russia!

I'm glad we have 2 chances to visit Russia.  The kids have grown so much since the last trip and that was only a few months ago!  Scott should definitly have memories of his stay in Russia after 2 visits.  Of course leaving means missing their friend Ashby--their "school" buddy every Tuesday and Wednesday, not to mention Mommy's time off :o)  

We'll be back before you know it!

Ice rescue

It all started one hot summer day...

Animals and action figures were trapped in ice!  If you were like me you are wondering ice and summer?  How does that happen.  These guys call themselves super heroes and then go and get trapped in ice in 100 degree heat?  Thankfully we had a couple of rescuers ready for action...

Within a matter of seconds the super heroes were free...

Only one was injured during the rescue.  Batman lost his head.

The Star Wars Dance

The MP3 player bought for our last trip to Russia is used daily around here now.  Scott now has Star Wars theme songs loaded and likes to listen while practicing his moves.  My favorite is when he stations himself in front of the turned off TV so he can see his reflection as he moves :o)  If he's not there he's usually positioned in the entry way.

I caught him off guard here...

He requested I get some of his moves on camera.

These things are awesome!  They often make the trip to the grocery store or other places.  The kids are entertained and I can focus on shopping!  Plus there's no TV or video game involved :o)

"That's why, I love her"

Yes, that's what Scott said about Sydney yesterday.  I have to put those words in writing to show him when he's older.  They were having the best time playing together and it was just one of those days where Scott would help  her with anything she needed and was sad when she didn't want to play with him.  

They took a smoothie break and he said he was only going to get one.  I mentioned that he should get one for Sydney but he said nope, just one with two straws. 
 I asked why and he replied, "That's why, because I love her!"

They were cracking up the entire time especially when the straw flung two drops of smoothie on Sydney's head.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

June celbrations

Perhaps I should get caught up on pictures since there's only 11 days until we leave for Russia!
June is a busy month for celebrations around here.  Father's Day, Anniversary and Eric's birthday all rolled into the month of June.  Here are a few additional hightlights...

Father's Day--to one day be hung in our office a scratch off map of all the places we (Eric) has traveled.

Birthday--Yes, it's a candle.  Yes, it's suppose to smell like a white castle burger!

Honestly, it smelled horrible!!  So Eric cleaned it out to use the container for something else.  

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The light box

Perusing some other blogs I enjoy one day I came across this post: Meet the Light Box - Your New Must Have Toy and I knew I must have one of those.  A brand new one was not in the budget so I did a bit more research and headed out to the thrift stores to find my materials.  The first stop I struck gold!

I painted the cabinet, took off the door, and drilled a hole for the light cord.  I turned the plexi-glass into a top with a frame and velcro but after the first use I decided a container was a much better play area.  

There aren't too many dark areas in the house so it started off in a play tent.

Then we moved it into the downstairs guest bathroom and added some sand.

You are now looking at the first "S" Scott has made all on his own!  Crazy that he wrote it with his left hand...