Monday, May 31, 2010

Ready, set, go!!

So after weeks of playing with various water toys in the backyard, Sydney finally found something she liked: the sprinkler! It did take several days of making sure it was safe before she decided to run through it on her own but, yea!! she finally did!

Her starting place...ready, set...


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dinosaurs have come to the Houston Zoo...

This afternoon we headed off to the zoo. They have a new temporary dinosaur exhibit so off we went in the 95 degree heat!

This is how it played out...

Here you can see the dinosaur sign in the distance. Scott is waving us in, Sydney is running and yelling. There are so many smiles, much amazement, and tons of excitement. we round the corner Scott asks if they will be loud and I just know that it's the beginning of the end. We enter the exhibit and Scott wants to be held. Sydney is still excited but not as much. Her sounds of wonder are interrupted by a few fake cries as she tries to figure out (from Scott) just what she is suppose to be feeling about these dinosaurs. Pretty soon we have this:

Scott is wearing his shades so the dinosaurs don't see him :o)

Later on at the monkeys...Can we get a little more excitement?! Actually they were much happier at this point but not to be taking a picture together.

Oh, now that brother is gone she's all smiles!

And finally...yum! Did I mention it was 95 degrees outside?!


The slip-n-slide has been a hit...for at least Scott. Sydney has some fear of water inflatables/sprinklers/slip-n-slides. We haven't taken her to the pool yet and I'm afraid she will not get in the water. We shall see.

Scott is still working on running and sliding on his own but absolutely LOVES to be thrown down the slide...

This photo shows the perfect throw-a-child-down-the- slip-n-slide form. Before trying it on your own I suggest contacting Eric for some pointers.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New park, New camera

For Mother's Day, Eric and the kids got me a new camera so as soon as it came we were off to take some pictures! I decided to take them to a park we hadn't been to before.

Debating...should I go down the slide?


I took several pictures of the 2 of them together and not once did they look at the camera :o)

Trip to Fort Worth

This past weekend we made a trip to Fort Worth/Dallas. The kids had lots of fun playing outside!


Playing with Memaw and Papaw...

LOTS of jumping into the pool...

He might be saying, "What? It's ok I can do ____ (fill in the blank)." His usual response when you tell him no.

Interesting change of pace for Scott. Trucks made a showing. Do I see a decline of interest in race cars? (doubtful)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Minnesota Family Reunion 2005

So this post goes out to the Minnesota clan in preparation for this year's family reunion. I was looking through old pictures and came across these which I just had to share.

This one just happened to be taken the same month (July 2005) and was mixed in with the others. I can't get over how refreshed we look Eric. No bags under the eyes, we look calm and relaxed and the pets are getting attention! Boy how kids change everything!

Ok, on to the reunion...
Jon is this the smoky bacon incident or do you just happen to be cooking bacon again? I can't remember.

Cajun chicken...

Wow Jon! That will be hard to beat this year :o)


water fight!

Fashion according to Sydney

Who needs pants when you can cover your leg with stickers! Yes, she peeled them off and placed them there all by herself.

Pointing out her stickers...

Saying, "Yea!"

She asked to wear the hat. She is sitting on her current bed--crib mattress on the floor. Thankfully the new mattress will be here tomorrow because she ends up rolling all over the floor while she is sleeping.

No comment :o)

18 months

In only a few days Sydney will be 18 months old!! Her new bed gets delivered tomorrow.

I took her to the doctor today for her shots and check-up. She weighed in at 24 pounds 10 ounces (more than 50 percentile) and measured 32 3/4 inches tall (75th percentile)! She's a healthy girl!

She had to get 4 shots...she didn't cry until the 4th shot which apparently is a tear jerker for all kids. I was impressed. Sydney is one tough cookie! Scott watched on just waiting for her to cry. He was so concerned :o)

Here are some photos after we got home.
She's saying "cheese!"

All worn out and ready for a nap.