Friday, May 7, 2010

Musical Beds

Sleep has been hard to come by at our house this week. Sydney was up for a couple of nights for hours and didn't want to sleep in her crib. Scott is up just about every night claiming his bed doesn't work or something like that. Yesterday I decided to change it up once I tried putting Sydney in her crib and she just screamed...musical beds it was!

Scott is trying to comfort Sydney in her new bed. He brought her pacies and books. He told her comforting things and surprisingly it worked. She read for awhile and then ...

was out!

Now that Sydney has a new bed Scott needed something. I converted the crib to the daybed and tada! Scott has his tent bed. He was super excited during the day and did sleep there for awhile last night.

As for Sydney she never made a peep last night and she seems to have given up her bottle. She just grew up yesterday! I can't believe she's not even 18 months and sleeping in a big bed!

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