Sunday, August 31, 2014


Our family grew by one more this summer.  Pepper is a mini-lop picked and named by Sydney, begged for for over a year.  She is part pet, part classroom bunny.

After a month of having her this is what we know...
  • She is litter trained and only uses her litter box.
  • When we got her she was a boy but the vet informed us that she really is a girl.
  • She loves the classroom and hops around all day while the kids are there.
  • The dog desires nothing more than to play with Pepper.
  • She has allergies.

Visit with friends

While Eric was in Germany, the kids and I made a quick trip to Dallas/Fort Worth to visit with old friends.

Getting all the kiddos together for a photo did not go as well as we hoped.

The lake was perfect on this hot July day.

Scott was all about his favorite nature activity--climbing rocks!

Indiana Summer

 A few more from our summer trip to Indiana...

Catching fireflies...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Scott, Sydney and Jake spent some quality time together in Indiana.  
Basically whatever Jake wanted, Scott and Sydney did :o)

There was a lot of car playing...

Some present opening...

 some scooter lessons...

and lots of smiles and fun!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Highest peak

One day we drove the twists and turns to hike to the highest point in the Smoky Mountains.  
Thanks to my  motion sickness we had to take a break on the drive up while I recovered with a double dose of Dramamine.  
The kids did a bit of pre-hike rock climbing.

And then we took the trail to the top.

 On the way back down we hiked a short distance on the Appalachian Trail.

Waterfall hikes

I was very impressed with their hiking skills as the days rolled by.  
They would hike for 3+miles and do awesome!

Here is one of the waterfall hikes we did.

I tell her to smile and she gives me this goofy pose.

We made the trek up another trail to discover this waterfall.

Smoky Mountains

The kids learned how to weave on a mini loom.

 We had lunch by a fun little water area.  The water sure was cold! 

Skipping stones...