Friday, June 13, 2014 underwater swimmer!

It's been a loooong 2+ years trying to convince Sydney to swim under water.  
She does things in her own time.  
And I guess now is her time...

As usual this pup is hanging out pool side, chasing rings.  
Now if only she will start jumping in and swimming...


The kids participated in the city egg hunt once again this year but there was no big prize like previous years.

Easter morning, E.Bunny left some goodies and a hunt.

Clues led them to the baskets.

There were quite a few guests for Easter lunch...

Egg Dying 2014

This year's egg dying was a combo of trial runs for egg day at school and kid pick.

They started off with painting "gold" eggs except they didn't turn out as gold as the package said they would.

Then they did a little egg painting...

followed up with some tie-dye eggs.

Scott wanted to do good old fashion egg dying so we threw this in because we didn't already have enough variety.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Threshers: tournament

After the regular season all the teams play a tournament for the championship.  
Our Threshers went undefeated to win the American League Little League Champs!

"Yes! Strike out."  
Scott played first base all through the tournament.  He made quite a few outs at first.

This is the final game.  A loss means come back the next day and play.  A win means champions!


They then played for city champs but did not win.  After that game they received their trophies.

Threshers: spring baseball

Baseball this spring was full of excitement.  Scott still played with the pitching machine but they kept score and we enjoyed seeing more outs made by players in the field.  Scott came out of a hitting slump and became a very consistent hitter all season.  He played a lot of pitcher and first base.  

This is actually April.  We had some cool games since most were played during the week in the evening.  I'm not complaining!