Friday, May 27, 2011

Louisville Bats

We toured the Louisville bat factory today.

Apparently everything is giant sized...huge bat out front, giant glove and ball in the lobby...

but not the souvenir bat.  By the way Sydney wants hers painted pink when we get home.  

We toured the museum, hit some balls and had a fun morning learning about America's favorite pastime.

(the "cheer" pose--or the pose given when I tell her to smile...where does this child get these things?!)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Let's go Rangers!

We have been hanging out in Fort Worth for a few days visiting family and friends on our way to Indiana.  Last night we went to a Ranger's game.

Another cherished "trophy."  They were the free item for the fans at the game.  
Scott is even holding it as he sits next to me on the couch while I type this :o)

Last game of the season

Go Tigers!

It was a fun first season playing t-ball.  And of course the trophy makes it all worth while!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

good clean fun

It's a muggy afternoon.  Scott wants to go play tennis.  I don't think I can handle an afternoon at the court so I've got to come up with something else.  Thankfully there are so many to choose from on the Internet these days.
I chose the Ivory Soap Experiment from Housing a Forest.
 In a nutshell, a bar of ivory soap has a bit of air, unlike other bars of soap, so it floats while other bars of soap sink.

Now to pop it into the microwave for about 2 minutes...

and tada!  We got two fluffy-looking piles of ivory soap.

Next up we decided to make the fluffy bathtub paint from the same site.
First up is crumbling the "fluffy" soap for the blender.

hiding from the blender...

We blended and colored and stirred and poured and were finally ready to hit the tub!

 It was supposed to look like this but...

most ended up looking like this after it cooled off.  That's OK.  We dumped it all out and they mixed and swam and painted and whatever else with the clumps of colored ivory soap.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

splat paint

One day a giant box appeared on our door step just itching to be decorated.
Awhile back I had book marked an idea to paint by throwing balloons filled with rice so that's just what we did until...

Sydney's fear of the rice filled balloons led us to another idea...

GIANT marble painting!

Their creation is beautiful but I especially love this picture because you can clearly see the difference in my children.  Scott was required to change beforehand and Sydney, I figured, would be ok.  
Every time I tell you, every time!


We finally made it over to the neighborhood tennis courts last night.
Tennis was a hit!  --get it?  You hit a tennis ball and it was a hit...hmmm..tough crowd.

It's time to go home.  That ball is just too far away...

Friday, May 13, 2011

let it rain, let it rain, let it rain

 It rained yesterday!  I'm sorry say but that's big news around here.  We have not seen rain since January 21st!  

Let me rephrase...I've seen two showers that looked like this...
Look closer...
Look real close at the drive way and you'll see drops of rain.  That's it.

Since the only umbrella we had around is the HUGE umbrella Sydney is trying to hold up the kids and I went umbrella shopping in anticipation of the storm that was suppose to happen yesterday.
When it did finally start raining we were prepared :o)

the long driveway...

One of my favorite features of our new house is the long driveway.  
I have very fond memories of eating chocolate chip cookies while riding bikes on my grandparents' long driveway in Minnesota.
It will be nice when they are finished building on our culdesac and the sidewalk goes all the way around.  Perhaps Sydney will be tall enough to ride the bike by herself by then.

racing in the car is loads of fun as well...

I think Scott is explaining that it's ok for him to push her fast up and down the driveway.