Monday, August 30, 2010

Motorcycle Girl!

Sydney has become quite the motorcycle rider. She has mastered riding around "the loop" -kitchen to entry to living room back to kitchen. Scott will fly by her on his scooter. Usually she's serious and won't look at you as she rides by.

Making the rounds...

Sometimes I'll get a smile!

Sydney's first official haircut

So Sydney's hair was in need of some professional help. She really just needed a trim to clean it up and I caved for bangs at the last minute. Her hair is so fine it doesn't keep a rubber band or clip in for long. The hairdresser had good perspective, she's one only a baby with baby hair. She has many years of good hair in her future.

The actual haircut was so easy! (compared to Scott) She actually looked like she was going to fall asleep she was so relaxed.

Hugging Ally! They gave her a little bow when she was all done.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Random August Pictures

So here are some random pictures from earlier in the month...

When Sydney was sick earlier this month there was a lot of movie watching. Mary Poppins was one of the favorites. Here Scott is doing the penguin dance. Notice the low riding pants :o)

Friends told us about a splash park and we definitely have plans to go back one day soon!

Poor Sydney. I was taking pictures of Scott and she insisted on having her picture taken. She's still in the fever stage of her illness here and this is the biggest smile she could muster for the camera.

Yea!! Sydney is eating solid food again! She lost some weight during her week long illness so it was great to see her eating again. Scott was spending some time with her trying to make her smile and feel better.

Pretty girl!

Mission Control

Scott built a block computer and was pretending to talk to astronauts. Will he follow his dad down the same career path?!

Visit with Grandpa

Grandpa and Judy paid us a visit this week. The kids had fun playing while Eric and I squeezed in some productive projects taking my car in for a tune up and cleaning out the attic as well as meeting for lunch one day!

Heat Relief

Finally a morning with low humidity and cooler temperatures! The kids ate breakfast outside which was great since I didn't have to clean the kitchen :o)

Monday, August 16, 2010

My silly silly girl

Sydney insists on taking random items with her to bed every night and sometimes at nap time. I have been trying to remember her picks and have decided to finally write them down so I don't forget them.
  • tonight: She was wearing Scott's sunglasses, clutching 2 coupons along with her stuffed sheep and dog.
  • nap today: A little People Bus full of a stuffed dog, couple of people, small pail and unopened package of fruit snacks.
  • last night: my cell phone
Other recent times:
  • bowl of strawberries
  • purse
  • small pail with marker lids--yes she fell asleep holding the pail which took awhile because every time she moved the lids would spill and she would have to put them back in again.
  • One night she was wearing about 5 bracelets.
  • She wore Scott's Crocs for her entire nap one day.
  • random clothes--a shirt/towel, etc.
  • fingernail clippers
I know there has been so much more so I'm sure I'll go back and add to this post when I remember as well as what she takes to bed in the future!

8/21 (nighttime)-Vaseline, Kleenex and a bookmark
8/22(nap)-doll stroller filled with a doll, drill, bottle, torn piece of Kleenex and a bag of doctor tools

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Copy Cat

So I walk in from the kitchen and they are sitting just like this. Of course I had to go get my camera and during that time they had gotten up so this pose is when I asked them to sit back down but I promise, it was just like this when I walked in!

Of course Sydney followed Scott and got in position just like him for drawing.

Scott drew a sun!


Yea! Sydney has enough hair for pigtails AND she will sit long enough to fix her hair!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Sorry there has not been a post for a looooong time but we've been busy getting the house sell! It will be officially on the market tomorrow. So after a VERY busy week of de-cluttering, painting, cleaning, etc. I think we are ready to go.

The kids found some boxes to occupy their time. Scott set up some beds for them. I want to mention that they both have a box, pillow, stuffed animal and pacifier...Oh and are both not wearing clothes. Have I mentioned before that whatever Scott does, Sydney has to do?!

Later that day they both did take a nap on the couch :o)