Saturday, October 27, 2012

The end is here...

Pool season is over.  There was one last swim from the kids last week.  They made sure to wear floaties and attempted to stay on the raft only because it was a tad nippy.  No body wanted to go under.

His face says it all.  Ok, mom.  Enough with the camera.
And I wasn't even asking them to smile for the camera.



Our "Charlie Brown" orange tree is growing fruit!

They are really good.  Nice and juicy!

Heads up, Tooth Fairy

After a few days of Scott saying his tooth was sore (only when he was eating), mom and dad wised up and discovered that was because it is loose!!
First loose tooth discovered October 25, 2012.

Pumpkin Patch

We walk in and before I have my camera ready, he's found his pumpkin.  
The rule is: You must be able to carry your own pumpkin.
Ok, so this one is a little too large. 

Time for Sydney to choose.  Hmmm...

I can't decide.  Let me see...
Still thinking...

Finally we are good to go!

Hay fight on the way to the car.  I love the random man standing watch in the background.  


A cool morning and an overgrown garden lead to all kinds of adventures.
Sydney is a collector.  Today she collected acorns.  

                                 She planted her collection.

And added a touch of water!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Duck for President

We headed back to the children's theater this weekend to see Duck for President.
This play was adapted from the book

This time we took Daddy so he was able to capture the pictures Sydney wanted with the characters, on his phone.  Scott politely declined.

So here's the cast...



Farmer Ben

and the star...Duck!

Yea! for family fun days!