Sunday, November 18, 2012

Disney on Ice

The day after Sydney's party she and I had a mommy daughter date with our friends Stormy and Ashby.  
We headed off to Disney on Ice.  The girls dressed as princesses.  Sydney said she was the snow princess since she wanted to sport one of my old tutu's.  

We were close!  Very close!  The girls were spoiled...popcorn and snow cones.  I spent the second half making sure Sydney didn't stain the tutu with snow cone.  Of all the tutu's that one is my favorite.  
Thankfully she's the neat eater.


Princesses and Knights

Princesses and Knights was the theme to Sydney's 4th birthday party.  It was VERY similar to her party last year with a few minor changes.  It's what she wanted so that's what we did.

Ready to rock this party!

The kids made crowns.

Cake = donuts once again :o)

 We rented a bounce house and the guests got to go home with an inflatable sword.  

This girl partied too hard.  She doesn't have a smile left.

Oh!  With a bit of food she was able to manage one more smile.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's been lovely lavender...

The final game was played.  Lavender was not victorious.  Not even once.  They did tie, maybe?  I'm not even sure about that.  They did get better and had fun.

 He loved playing goalie!

The coach was mid-sentence..."1, 2, eyes on me." (or something like that)
The boy sure can teachers that is :o)


"Vote for what?"  I ask.
"Anything you want. Just pick something."

Happy Election Day!

Saturday, November 3, 2012


This is Sydney before trunk-or-treat at the school the Friday before Halloween.  
Scott went as Darth Vader (3 year old costume).  
I wish I had a picture because it was about 4 inches too short.

Halloween night.  She's meowing like a cheetah.

 The best picture of the 2 of them.  :o(
Scott is Optimus Prime (his costume from last year).  He could never make up his mind.   

 The loot...


The family jack-o-lantern went something like this.  
"I want this jack-o-lantern in the book.  I'm going to play on the driveway.  Bye!" mommy and daddy get all the credit.

Surprise!  There were 9 pumpkin plants growing inside the pumpkin when we cut it open.  Excuse me.  I mean when I cut it open.  There was no we at this point of the jack-o-lantern process.

Props to daddy for creating a nice replica of the requested jack-o-lantern.
Again this was a solo process.   

Jeweled Pumpkins

The little pumpkins from the pumpkin patch got all jeweled up!

Scott made a face on his.  He ripped them ALL off before we cut them open the next day.

The "spooky" pose.  I'm not sure if Sydney is spooky or checking out her nails.