Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Houston Sites

The Orange Show

I can't remember what this was called but it was a giant waterfall in the middle of Houston buildings.

Moody Gardens

After living in Houston all these years we finally made it to Moody Gardens.
We shark hunted.

Scott wanted a picture just like his other one (from like 3 years ago!!).

3rd Annual Gingerbread Building

 Gingerbread house 2013 consisted of Scott, Sydney, Jon, Jennifer, Nana and Kendra.

 It was agreed that we would all build regular houses.
Until Jon decided to one up everyone not build a regular house.  


Everything was running smoothly until this...
We had to bring out the hair dryer for some fast drying.


Christmas morning, Santa was here!

Frantic present opening led to...
 trying them all out.

And somehow the dog fell asleep among the chaos.  
I think it was her Christmas gift to her because it sure hasn't happened since.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve and they can't wait to get to bed.  Really it was that easy.  
I know I'm horrible at pictures on Christmas Day so I hope to get at least one good one the night before.

So they sit and smile...

and smile...

and pose...

and continue to smile.

Decorating of the trees

The day after Thanksgiving the trees go up.  The lights are on but no ornaments...

Our train that usually goes around the big tree was not working so well after another summer in the attic so Scott rigged up some fancy tracks around the little tree to compensate.

Snoopy got to drive!

December 1st we decorated the trees.

Let the Christmas season begin!

Santa 2013

The kiddos took their photo with Santa this year when he visited their school after their Christmas program.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

San Antonio

The first weekend in December we headed off to San Antonio to check out the river walk and winter time at Sea World.  It was cold.  Very very cold.

The upside of a cold day was not lines for rides.

They had some fake snow for sledding...

and snow angels.

Sydney wanted to bring some snow back for her teacher.

It was a good trip with family!

Less than 5 minutes in the car and she was out.