Saturday, June 22, 2013

Purple Peanuts

Go Purple Peanuts!!!  Not sure where the name came from but we were a little surprised to hear that that would be Sydney's t-ball team name.  

 There might have been more parents than kids in the field at one point.  We were the "hands off" parents in the stands.  Actually I'm pretty sure every other child is the oldest or first kid in the family to play something.  I guess that's what happens when you are the second kid.  Parents have been there done that so your pictures are from the stand.  At least she has pictures!


I don't know what you call it but the dog calls it comfortable.  It's a popular lounging position for Ainsley.


New to the pool but loves the step.  She is quite comfortable there.  She has swam a bit but only if I put her in.  I am encouraging the swimming because it just seems so much easier than her many mile walks each day.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Scott had ice cream sundaes on his last day of school.  I didn't even think he liked ice cream but apparently if it has gummy worms on it it's edible.

So we made ice cream sundaes for Father's Day.  Perhaps a new tradition?

Summer Swimming Goal

I am determined to be done with floaties by the end of the summer.  This girl is a fish who doesn't put her head under the water.  The words of her swimming lesson teacher, "She has a strong will.  It just has to be her way."  Um...exactly.  
Will watching other children swim encourage her?  No.
Will bribes work?  No.
Is asking if she wants to acceptable?  No.
My response to, "When I'm 6 I'll swim under water." was...
NO!  When you are 4 you will stick your head under water.


Proof.  Yes, you do like cheese!!!
Well maybe a nibble or two.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sydney up to Bat

Sydney's list of extracurricular activities is quite extensive: swim lessons, gymnastics, volleyball, t-ball, soccer, basketball, etc.  This summer we can mark a few off.  She's a week into swim lessons, has plans to start gymnastics in a week and has begun her first t-ball season.

Sydney is running some bases for practice.

Lego Fest

Back in April we headed out to Lego Fest.
What does a huge space filled with anything and everything legos and lots and lots of people equal? 
Over stimulation.