Sunday, May 19, 2013

End of the Season

Scott had his final game and party this weekend.  
There was a little batting...only warm up swings going on here.

some catching...

excellent coaching

crazy fans
cute boys.  One pant leg up, one pant leg down.  It couldn't be any other way on this kiddo.

I thought I was being smart going around to the other side to capture his expression when he received his trophy.  All the other boys would look at her.  I guess I forgot that mine would probably not.  At least Sydney is super excited for him!

Knights 2013

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Creative, right?  I wanted to thank Eric for his creative gift idea.  
His comment, "It did not come from Pinterest."  

17 weeks

Ainsley is 17 weeks and 26 pounds.  She's 1 pound away from Ally's full grown weight.

She's 3 days post surgery.  Keep her calm, no walks, no jumping, etc for 7-10 days they said.  Ummmm...didn't happen.  I will say the thought of a dog lying around for a couple days was something I was looking forward to.  Maybe in a few years.

Reading Glasses

She said she couldn't see.  She said she needed some reading glasses.  They completely transform her personality.  Her teachers call her astute when she wears them.  Proper and prim are also adjectives used to describe Sydney in glasses.  

p.s. They have no lenses.
p.p.s.  These photos were staged.  She is not actually reading this book.

pill bugs

It all started with one little roly poly.  He traveled home in a shoe.  He survived an attack and made it finally to his new home.  There were many days spent and tears shed in order to bring this guy to our house.

Well one day and more tears later his small cage became a habitat of more than 10 roly polies thanks to the ability of my students to seek out these little guys.

Did you know that they have 14 legs?!


The second field trip...Scott took his first field trip at the end of April.  His class headed off to the zoo because they had been studying all kinds of animals all year.

 Also since I've last posted, Scott has lost his 2nd tooth and his hair :o)
I was told that another teacher overheard Scott telling his friends that his mom didn't know what she was doing.  I guess I should keep those comments to myself from now on.