Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Down on the Farm

This morning we headed over to Froberg's Farm to pick some strawberries. We have been going there once a week to get fruits and vegetables and I have always been a bit skeptical of taking the kids to pick strawberries. Scott has been asking to ever since he saw them do it on Sesame Street. The whole time he was telling me how to do it: twist and pull, twist and pull. They both did really well. Scott was focused on strawberries the whole time while Sydney picked berries, leaves, ate strawberries, and discovered all the mud holes but didn't trample any plants like I'm sure the lady that explained the rules before we went out, was afraid they would do.

Sydney did a bit of wandering and climbed a small hill. Really it is more of a hump of dirt. Here she is calling for help to get down. Drama!

Eating couldn't wait!

The loot--all 7.2 pounds. Apparently I had no idea just how many berries we were picking.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Go Mav's Go!

In honor of the Mavs, Scott sported his jersey and we shot some hoops tonight. Eric tried to teach him some of Dirk's moves and gestures. I included a pictures of Dirk so you can compare.

Still playing with cars!

Cars are still all the rage in the Maier household. I will say that Scott has begun to share a bit more with Sydney. There were times where he even forced her to take some cars just so he could "share." There is more understanding on his part when she s-l-o-w-l-y transfers the cars one-by-one to another basket or tries to line them up on the table like Scott does. Yes, it's slow because we have quite the collection of cars. He even lets her take over completely when he is doing the same thing. I think he's beginning to realize that his sister just might be good for something!

Here's our ramp.

Scott had all his cars flipped. He said they were sleeping. Here she's telling Scott, "Shhh!" because her cars were sleeping.

There were times where he wanted to play alone so he has learned to put things out of reach.

At the pit.

The store is open! Scott is purchasing cars from Sydney. He wants to play the other way around but Sydney just likes to push the buttons and then give him his car back.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Yesterday we cut open the watermelon we got from the farmer's market. The reviews were mixed...

Scott said it was yummy!

Sydney was not a fan.

She gave hers to the dog :o) Too bad the dog was not a fan either.


Scott and Sydney just had to have their sunglasses on the other day while they were playing outside.

A boy and his dog (and sometimes cat)

Scott was having some bonding time with Ally and surprisingly Jack while Sydney was taking her nap.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


It was decided last night that we needed to bake a cake. Scott drug the kitchen chair over and Sydney did not want to be left out so she carried the stool in from Scott's room.

Here Scott is telling her not to touch the cake mix.

Licking the spoon!

Enjoying the finished product or at least the frosting :o)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I know that Sydney doesn't have as many pictures as Scott so I took some of just her today.

This one I had to include though. No, Sydney does not use a paci but they are still the rage for her brother. He was feeling especially giving this morning when he gave her one. Notice he's not lacking for others :o)

She's saying "hello?"

Race car tension

I need Scott to get a new hobby because keeping tabs on the race cars is beginning to stress him out!

Sydney has all the reject race cars and is counting them like Scott. She was doing it with his but she kept counting and it was stressing him out so I made her own line of cars.

It's more fun to play with brother's cars so she is now putting them in the basket. In retaliation, Scott is putting hers in his basket too :o)

The standoff...

He's explaining to her that that's a race car so it belongs in his basket.

On guard even outside!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

this and that...

Hugging baby

Sydney had to have corn since everyone else had it. She managed to get a few kernels off!

Yesterday we went to a birthday party and Scott got his first taste of a foam pit.

After the party they played with all their goody bag goodies--bubbles being one of them.