Sunday, April 25, 2010

Still playing with cars!

Cars are still all the rage in the Maier household. I will say that Scott has begun to share a bit more with Sydney. There were times where he even forced her to take some cars just so he could "share." There is more understanding on his part when she s-l-o-w-l-y transfers the cars one-by-one to another basket or tries to line them up on the table like Scott does. Yes, it's slow because we have quite the collection of cars. He even lets her take over completely when he is doing the same thing. I think he's beginning to realize that his sister just might be good for something!

Here's our ramp.

Scott had all his cars flipped. He said they were sleeping. Here she's telling Scott, "Shhh!" because her cars were sleeping.

There were times where he wanted to play alone so he has learned to put things out of reach.

At the pit.

The store is open! Scott is purchasing cars from Sydney. He wants to play the other way around but Sydney just likes to push the buttons and then give him his car back.

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  1. Love the ramp! It looks like so much fun! :)