Saturday, April 3, 2010

El Lago egg hunt

So Easter egg hunt 1 of 2 didn't exactly go as planned this year. It all started off with breakfast at the donut shop, followed by wet and dirty feet at the hunt, lots and lots of tears, a couple of eggs and finally an explanation from Scott. He told me on our way home, "Sorry mommy. I didn't want to run to the finish line. I can't. There are too many people." Previously at the hunt I referred to the roped off area as the starting line and when they said go we would run and pick up eggs. It all makes sense now! That is why there are no pictures of the actual hunt. I was carrying Sydney and my friend Kendra was carrying Scott.

Breakfast at the donut shop. He's licking the green frosting off his donut.

I guess this was before I started talking about running to get the eggs! They are all smiles here.

Kendra and Scott.

Drying up the tears after the hunt.
We have one more egg hunt tomorrow evening with friends in the neighborhood. Maybe that one will go a little smoother.

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