Friday, July 30, 2010


I got the word that Target had water toys 75% off so Scott got himself a new toy. It's a buzz light year rocket!

Ironically he happened to be wearing his buzz and woody undies today :o)


I have no idea what possessed me yesterday but we made homemade tortillas. I wish I had known they were so easy and I would have attempted them sooner! Simple and fast to cook. Scott got to practice counting to 20 before they were ready to flip.

I was so excited! It actually looked like a tortilla!

Scott tried a variety of toppings: cheese, butter, jelly and peanutbutter. Jelly and cheese were the only hits.

Where was Sydney you might ask? Well she was digging in our junk drawer and discovered lots of night lights and water balloons.
Attempting to blow one up. Not to successful. I will say that even though she made a huge mess, I checked on her later on and she had cleaned up all the balloons by herself! I mean every single balloon!

Thumbs up to homemade tortillas!

Can lizards swim?

The answer is yes! When we got home from the zoo yesterday he was relaxing in the middle of the kiddie pool.

We got a little closer and whoops! He slipped and raced to the side. I had to scoop him out because the side was too slippery for him to climb.

Safe at last!

Maybe not...lucky for the lizard, Sydney has no aim when trying to pour water onto a wall!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Smoothie pals

So yesterday Scott wanted a smoothie. Of course Sydney then wanted one :o) Scott just sat down in the middle of the kitchen to partake and of course, you guessed it, Sydney sat down right next to him! They sat here and enjoyed their smoothies together.


They have that glossed over, smoothing drinking look...

Rainy days...

We have had a lot of rainy days around here lately.

So what is there to do after you've traced the raindrops down the window with your finger and perhaps your tongue :o)

Make a MESS!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bath on the Porch

Who needs a bathtub when you can take a bath in a bucket!

Scott had the idea first and of course Sydney wants to be in the other bucket of soap.

Mission Completion!


Let's try a new container...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Why didn't I think of that before?!

This post is kinda silly but I'm so excited about my discovery! I LOVE watermelon but HATE cutting it up because it makes a mess so I rarely buy it. Tonight all my cutting boards were dirty and I was too lazy to wash them so I was hunting for something else and came up with a craft tray. Problem solved! This is my exciting life while the kids are gone and I'm home alone :o)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

since vacation...

So what have we been doing since our trip? Apparently not wearing too many clothes as you can see by my pictures :o) Here's a recap...

Eating in a restaurant

She has become quite the purse carrier. Last night I took them on a walk. I put the kids' shoes on first and while I was putting my shoes on Sydney comes in carrying her purse saying she's ready to go. She refuses to leave it at home and is walking down the sidewalk with her purse. Unfortunately she had to go home after a few minutes because she wanted to ride Scott's bike. The whole neighborhood got an earful of that one!

Checking in on Penny, our friends' dog.

Writing about the trip.

Attempting scissors.

Wearing mommy's shoes and wondering when we can go outside again!

Finally a mosquito free morning!

Sand Art

Our big craft this week was making a fish bowl. The kids painted their paper blue and I cut out a bowl shape. They then drew their own fish. Now the fun part came when they got to sprinkle the sand on the bottom of their bowl.

Sydney's is the top bowl and Scott's is below.

So of course we had to play with the colored sand some more...

It took awhile before it sunk in that you were suppose to put the sand ON the glue!

Scott kept putting his glue on the same circle and layering the different colors of sand.

Now she's getting the idea!

Car Town

So the car town is growing! I (almost) finished the airport mat today. Just needs a few more parking spaces and other small details. The "is it done yet" questions wouldn't stop so I gave up and let Scott play. I now have 2 more mats to go and the town is complete!

So far Scott has been taking Daddy to the airport...

Even Ally is fond of the new mat :o)