Thursday, July 22, 2010

since vacation...

So what have we been doing since our trip? Apparently not wearing too many clothes as you can see by my pictures :o) Here's a recap...

Eating in a restaurant

She has become quite the purse carrier. Last night I took them on a walk. I put the kids' shoes on first and while I was putting my shoes on Sydney comes in carrying her purse saying she's ready to go. She refuses to leave it at home and is walking down the sidewalk with her purse. Unfortunately she had to go home after a few minutes because she wanted to ride Scott's bike. The whole neighborhood got an earful of that one!

Checking in on Penny, our friends' dog.

Writing about the trip.

Attempting scissors.

Wearing mommy's shoes and wondering when we can go outside again!

Finally a mosquito free morning!

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