Friday, July 30, 2010


I have no idea what possessed me yesterday but we made homemade tortillas. I wish I had known they were so easy and I would have attempted them sooner! Simple and fast to cook. Scott got to practice counting to 20 before they were ready to flip.

I was so excited! It actually looked like a tortilla!

Scott tried a variety of toppings: cheese, butter, jelly and peanutbutter. Jelly and cheese were the only hits.

Where was Sydney you might ask? Well she was digging in our junk drawer and discovered lots of night lights and water balloons.
Attempting to blow one up. Not to successful. I will say that even though she made a huge mess, I checked on her later on and she had cleaned up all the balloons by herself! I mean every single balloon!

Thumbs up to homemade tortillas!

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