Monday, August 16, 2010

My silly silly girl

Sydney insists on taking random items with her to bed every night and sometimes at nap time. I have been trying to remember her picks and have decided to finally write them down so I don't forget them.
  • tonight: She was wearing Scott's sunglasses, clutching 2 coupons along with her stuffed sheep and dog.
  • nap today: A little People Bus full of a stuffed dog, couple of people, small pail and unopened package of fruit snacks.
  • last night: my cell phone
Other recent times:
  • bowl of strawberries
  • purse
  • small pail with marker lids--yes she fell asleep holding the pail which took awhile because every time she moved the lids would spill and she would have to put them back in again.
  • One night she was wearing about 5 bracelets.
  • She wore Scott's Crocs for her entire nap one day.
  • random clothes--a shirt/towel, etc.
  • fingernail clippers
I know there has been so much more so I'm sure I'll go back and add to this post when I remember as well as what she takes to bed in the future!

8/21 (nighttime)-Vaseline, Kleenex and a bookmark
8/22(nap)-doll stroller filled with a doll, drill, bottle, torn piece of Kleenex and a bag of doctor tools

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  1. So funny! Marin went through that stage not long was usually a play spoon and a plastic hamburger patty or a metal measuring cup!