Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dinosaurs have come to the Houston Zoo...

This afternoon we headed off to the zoo. They have a new temporary dinosaur exhibit so off we went in the 95 degree heat!

This is how it played out...

Here you can see the dinosaur sign in the distance. Scott is waving us in, Sydney is running and yelling. There are so many smiles, much amazement, and tons of excitement. we round the corner Scott asks if they will be loud and I just know that it's the beginning of the end. We enter the exhibit and Scott wants to be held. Sydney is still excited but not as much. Her sounds of wonder are interrupted by a few fake cries as she tries to figure out (from Scott) just what she is suppose to be feeling about these dinosaurs. Pretty soon we have this:

Scott is wearing his shades so the dinosaurs don't see him :o)

Later on at the monkeys...Can we get a little more excitement?! Actually they were much happier at this point but not to be taking a picture together.

Oh, now that brother is gone she's all smiles!

And finally...yum! Did I mention it was 95 degrees outside?!

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