Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1st = 1st day of backyard swimming!

So today our neighborhood pool opened! I can't believe summer is here in Houston. Wednesday it's supposed to be 90! We got the "pool" out of the attic today and had some water time outside. Unfortunately I got the pictures a bit out of order...sorry!

So after playing in the pool Scott and daddy have a water shooting match. At this point Eric has gotten Scott soaking wet and Scott has had his fair share of shots on daddy. Can you see the fear on his face?!

Sydney had something against the pool so spent most of her time clinging to daddy or mommy. Scott kept wanting her to swim but she said no :o(

Scott decided to poor up some "apple juice."

He offered some to Memaw and wasn't fooled by the pretend drinking. He wanted to see the real thing!

Ally was also offered some "juice" but was a little wary. I would be too if the majority of the time he came at me with water, I got wet.

Sydney finally loosened up when she realized there were other options beside the pool.

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