Thursday, July 7, 2011

The light box

Perusing some other blogs I enjoy one day I came across this post: Meet the Light Box - Your New Must Have Toy and I knew I must have one of those.  A brand new one was not in the budget so I did a bit more research and headed out to the thrift stores to find my materials.  The first stop I struck gold!

I painted the cabinet, took off the door, and drilled a hole for the light cord.  I turned the plexi-glass into a top with a frame and velcro but after the first use I decided a container was a much better play area.  

There aren't too many dark areas in the house so it started off in a play tent.

Then we moved it into the downstairs guest bathroom and added some sand.

You are now looking at the first "S" Scott has made all on his own!  Crazy that he wrote it with his left hand...

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  1. This is awesome! Definitely putting this on my pinterest to do list!