Thursday, June 30, 2011

Birthday Baseball

Happy 31st birthday, Eric!!

We did a variety of things the past two days in honor of Eric's birthday.  Since he is working tonight we went to the Ranger game(at the Astro's stadium) last night.  This morning it was breakfast at Cracker Barrel followed by Cars 2.  

We watched a bit of batting practice and then headed to our seats.

I think this was taken right after Scott drank the syrup from a sno cone while I ate the ice.  He was a bit hyper.  I could actually see him building his sugar high.

"Let's go Rangers!" **clap, clap, clapclapclap**

 A year ago I had no interest in taking everyone to a baseball game because I knew Sydney and I would be walking around the entire time.  It's amazing what a year can do!  It also hits home that these kiddos are growing up way too fast!

We did have a lot of space around us so Sydney did some dancing and posing  whenever music would play.  

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