Monday, June 27, 2011

cookies and rice

I decided to do a bit of baking Friday afternoon.  The kids came up with their own "cookies."  
I've had these sprinkles for 9 years now so I figured it was time somebody used them!  

A lot of sprinkles, touch of sugar, flour, 5 chocolate chips (no, I take that back, they were eaten immediately after being placed in the bowl) and loads of salt...

excessive stirring...

makes this colorful cookie creation.

I tallied the time Sydney spent on this task and it was well over 2 hours!
Me mixing cookies, 8 batches in the oven at 10 minutes a piece, clean up and then more time while I was cooking dinner.  It went over so well with her that I began formulating a plan for the next baking day.

Without spending a fortune in sprinkles why not dip into that 25 pound bag of rice?!  No it won't be as yummy as the sugary sprinkles they snacked on as they mixed but it could be just as much fun.

Sydney and I colored some rice.
I wonder if I can color sugar?

Good thing I didn't clean the kitchen because she's right back at it again!

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