Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We decided to enroll the kids in swimming lessons this year.
I know how to swim but I don't know how to teach a child who is afraid to put any part of their face in water and remove their floaties how to begin to like the water.

I had my doubts.  Day 1 he refused to go in the water several times.  Day 2 was a bit better. Both hands in the mouth means very very nervous!!

After that it was a blur!
After 4 lessons he was jumping in the water with floaties all by himself.
A few days later he was jumping off the side and swimming under the water without floaties.  He started diving (in the 1 1/2 foot baby pool) for his water rockets.

Here's proof...
He's telling me that he'll show me "1 time mom.  Only one more time."

He's swimming...

and swimming...


 As for this little fish.  She's come a long way too.  
Her class is parent/child swimming and I have to give Eric most of the credit since he has swam with her for most of the lessons.  

She can now jump in off the side to you with a lot of coaxing and sometimes holding one hand.
She blows bubbles in the water, floats on her back and front and goes under the water.  

She hasn't become quite the dare devil Scott has become but she's young and at least she's more comfortable in the water.  The summer has just started...

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