Friday, February 11, 2011

Hunt for Popcorn

Popcorn = one of my favorite foods
Popcorn is a favorite of the kids.  They can finish off a bag between them and I'm pretty sure Scott could eat a whole bag himself.

I debated throwing in some bags of popcorn when I was packing but ran out of room.  After many grocery store trips I found an individually wrapped package. 
The thing about the stores is that their merchandise is always changing.  You never know if they'll have what you are looking for or you might have to go to 3 stores to find one particular thing. 

The picture showed popcorn.
The actual bag was patriotic and had the directions all over it in about 20 languages.
I snapped this photo to remember this night of popcorn.
After the photo I tried a piece and it's sweet, not salty.
The kids only ate a few pieces.
Bummer...I guess popcorn goes on my list of food to bring next time!


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  2. I bet the embassy commissary has real popcorn (US Imported I mean). Have Eric ask one of the guys that makes relatively routine trips there to check - or he can go, but check with the mgt. peeps on access requirements.