Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Milk bottle use #10: baking soda and vinegar

I wanted to make playdough but my favorite recipe calls for cornstarch and I haven't located that at the store yet so I opted for some salt/flour dough.
I made the volcano (with 1/2 a milk bottle inside) and the others were made by Scott, Sydney and Eric.

 After drying it was time for painting...

and even more drying

After all that hard waiting it was time for the volcano to erupt!
(I have to comment that this big blue bucket is the best...Eric I think I need to take it home with us :o) 

Wait for it...

I came accross something online about using baking soda and vinegar to inflate a balloon.  The picture reminded me of my elementary science experiment so here we are rehashing my glory days.  Good thing I had another milk bottle on hand for this part. :o)

Sydney didn't like the balloon portion of our experiment so she observed from what she thought was a safe distance.

One bottle of vinegar later our volcao was dormant.

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