Monday, February 21, 2011

Milk bottle use #11: car tunnel

Warning: children are in their spaghetti eating attire.

Picture it: 
It's been a long time since Scott has seen a race car race. 
All the forgotten components of racing have been forgotten until now.
"We need a big car, tires, gas, pit crew, race track, starting line...Make it mom!"
The demands of an urgent and excited child go on and on.
Leave it to NASCAR to inspire play. 

There was a lot of frustration, confusion, redoing, undoing, you name it, to get to a happy race track. 

Oh boy mom, that milk bottle tunnel needs some work.

The final model.  Note it even has a tunnel underneath!
I was the only one that thought that was cool.

I foresee big things for the milk bottle tunnel in the days ahead...

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