Saturday, February 5, 2011

Night on the Town

Yesterday Eric went to work and the kids and I slept.  We didn't go to sleep until about 5am which is like 8pm Houston time and woke up sometime late the next afternoon.  So we were ready to go out for the evening and explore.  Eric took us to Red Square.  A little walking and a couple of subway stops later we were there. 
Sydney is getting a history lesson...

Scott was so desperate to play in the snow that he climbed right in and was throwing snow on himself.  

Scott's first words when we walked through the gate into Red Square: "Is this Disney World?"
After walking for a bit we stopped at a mall to have some pizza and then headed back home on the subway, stopping at a McDonalds for icecream on the way.  When it was time to go and maybe we said it was time to walk home, Scott desperatly goes, "We need our car!!"

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