Monday, February 28, 2011

One potato, two potato

I've got spring fever. 
My friend Stormy passed along a new milk bottle idea: planting seeds.  I was so close to buying a bag of soil and carrying it home but I thought on it a few days and decided the lack of broom and vacuum might pose a problem.  I figured we'll do some planting when we get home. 

In the meantime let's see if we can grow some potato hairs or strings or ropes or whatever Scott called the roots yesterday :o)

My children will not eat potatoes unless it's in the form of a fry and even then it needs to be recognizable.  Maybe some activities with potaotes will convince them to eat thier potaoes for dinner tonight!

Scott gave up on the potatoes and did his own thing.

 Sydney took potato stamping to a whole other level while...

changing our paints to a lovely shade of potato brown in the process.
I wanted to give the kids something to visualize while waiting for out potato to sprout so I printed off a picture of one and since I had nothing better to do, colored it.

Sydney just made it a bit fancier, one crayon at a time, over and over and over...

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