Friday, February 11, 2011

Milk bottle use #6, 7, and 8: ocean, funnel and boat

These bottles are turning out to be a life saver!  Just when times get tough, pull out some bottles and you have happy kiddos!
Nana (aka my mom) sent me a link with lots and lots and lots of bottle ideas.

I decided to make ocean in a bottle today.
They filled their bottles half with water, picked their food coloring color and then held the (homemade milk bottle) funnel while I poured in the oil.  I didn't fill it all the way because I need to save some for Scott's birthday cake.

They didn't fully appreciate the project so I'll try it again in a few years.
If you look closely there is a blue straw in Scott's.  That's his boat and when everything settles it sits between the water and oil.  I thought it was pretty neat.  Straws do not float in oil.

Well they were done with that and just wanted to pour water and ice.

This led to Scott attmepting to build a dam.  I have no idea where he heard that but he spent quite awhile changing up his construction attempting to "stop the water" so he said.

Some how this led to making milk bottle boats.

Boats galore--4 total!
Don't be fooled.  Those are not straws and tops.  They are captains.  Yes, all of them are captains.

 And one silly girl found with soap stuck to her head :o)

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