Monday, February 14, 2011

A Russian Valentine's Day

I have been so inspired by all the cute Valentine's cooking, art, decorating, etc. found on the web that I thought I'd get cute myself.

I perused the web last night for a biscuit recipe that used the ingredients I had on hand and thought I'd make some lovely heart biscuits...

So instead we had what I called, "breakfast cookies" because these biscuits were flat.

But, to my defense:
1.   I had never made biscuits before
2.  I have nothing to roll the dough out so I just squished it on the pan and
3.  these are made with oil instead of butter.

They were still yummy :o)  just not the pretty image I had in my head.

So in preparation for the Valentine's Day hunt I had in mind I tried out this hunt I found online at Serving Pink Lemonade.  It was an instant hit with Scott.  Basically he follows the arrows until...

he finds the dog!

So this morning the hunt was on.

to find the goodies!

What is it?!  What is it?!

Two new books!  Honestly this is what I miss,and I think what the kids miss from home the most--the unlimited supply of books at our house and the library.

(don't mind the un-zipped shirts the kiddos are sporting)

Have a lovely Valentine's Day!

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