Monday, February 21, 2011

A full day ahead of us...

 Today was the first day of our trip that Eric was working normal work hours, 8:30am-6:30pm.
The other weeks he worked the night shift so he had been home for the majority of the day before heading off to work around 3pm.  It was nice having him around and honestly I was fearing the long day ahead of me.  I can't hop in the car and take the kids somewhere and even going to the store is a chore with all the snow gear and then manuvering everyone through the tiny store not designed for small children.  Overall the day went much better than I feared.  Thanks to my ever growing list of ideas and the creative minds of a child, we were able to come up with quite a bit of things to do today.

There was an early request for a tent this morning.

Then we headed downstairs for our daily outing to the "playground" as Sydney calls it.

Next up was lunch and some down time so mommy could enjoy 5 minutes peace :o)

Then we counted the house!
I think I gave this as a counting idea to parents when I was teaching.

And no, I don't nomrally make pretty charts and graphs but sometimes you just have a little extra time on your hands when someone else comes and cleans your home for you, say if you were to live in a hotel or something :o)

I was surprised we had so many lamps. 
There is actually 4 in the kids' room!
Scott wanted to do another one so I came up with some more objects to count but that game didn't even last through the first one, suitcases, because he got distracted and decided to play airport instead.

Then I got out the big blue tub...

Of course playing with noodles leads to the urge to have some for an early dinner:

Finally a NASCAR race was being replayed on TV which Scott had been waiting to see for a couple of days so there was lots of car playing for the rest of the afternoon. 
I'll leave those pictures for later.  Scott's unreasonable demands for a green race car, race track, tires, people, helmet, trucks, gas can, etc. all made out of paper, led to the creation of milk bottle use #11.

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