Friday, February 25, 2011

Outing to the Theatre

This morning we ventured out for lunch and a visit to the children's puppet show theatre to see Cinderella.
Lunch was a yummy visit to Pizza Hut :o)

Scott surprisingly ate 2 slices of pizza and then ate a jelly sandwich at the theatre.  Where does he put it?!

 The children's theatre

After a brutally cold and windy 5 minutes of waiting outside it was 12:00 and the clock...

 came to life!

Then it was off to warm up and take it all in.  I was so close to putting Sydney in her sweater dress for today but then I was thinking she would be wearing boots and it would look silly.  Almost every little girl there was in a dress and the parents were brushing their hat hair, changing their shoes to dress shoes, accessorizing them with purses, etc. 

They had a bunch of puppets on display in their mini museum.

After the puppet museum you walk up the stairs to a cafe (loaded with candy and sweets), past lots of fish tanks and into the show area.  We had assigned seats and I think the tallest people in Russia were sitting on the entire row in front of us.  Oh well we still enjoyed the puppet show!  I think we will need to go back again in the summer for sure.  It was a fun day out!

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