Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yummy cookies?

Scott asked to make cookies yesterday so today, since was raining all day, I caved and we made some cookies.  It's gotten to the point where it's not as simple as whipping up a batch.  Everyone wants to do something so they each got their own bowl and poured in some ingredients...

It was all good until Scott realized that the chunks of brown sugar were delicious and I had to cut him off.

After mixing they placed them in the fridge to "set" just like jell-o.  There they still remain.  Two bowls with random ingredients.  Just another mess :o)

So they baked and now to patiently wait until they cool...

The verdict:  one bite and he was done.  I offered at least 5 more times today and he said no.  
Sydney wouldn't touch them (not surprising).  
Scott said he's saving them for Russia.  

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