Friday, January 7, 2011

A little girl and her flowers

This afternoon Ally had a visit to the oncologist which went well.  The medicine has been doing wonders but the vet did say that most dogs have to stay on this drug for around 6 months or the tumor comes back.  

Anyways on the way home we all stop at the park.  Sydney found some flowers (aka weeds) and picked a few to take home.  I guess the petals came off in the car or maybe it was the fact that Scott had a flower and she thought "he took it" from her--favorite phrase these days--but she had a lovely meltdown on the ride home.  Scott knows we have flowers in the front yard so we go pick a couple to make Sydney happy.  Then I help Scott put something together upstairs and come down the stairs to find this: 

She certainly wasted no time and cut Scott's flower as well so we had to go back outside to pick another flower for Scott which he can show Eric tomorrow on the computer.  

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