Friday, January 21, 2011

Free Art

The other night I was desperate for some peace while I cooked dinner.  It had been one of those days where nothing could go right.    I figured the kitchen floor needed to be washed anyways...

I put the kids in "messy" clothes
and said have at it!

The supplies:

The process: 

The spaghetti was a big hit.

Lots of spaghetti was cut to tiny tiny pieces.  In the background you don't see it but Ally is munching away on raw noodles that are flying to her rug.

Of course no project would be complete without painting hands...

 Do you know where this is headed?

The products:
by Scott

by Sydney
I was actually a little disappointed they didn't get dirtier and the floor never saw anything but spaghetti.  Sydney didn't have a spot of paint on her and Scott just a bit.  

Of course Sydney is a pro at painting her hands and only her hands.  She does it almost daily with the black (only black) paint I leave out at the easel.  Today in fact I passed by her deep in black paint and she told me, "Go mom.  I need privacy."  Ally was in my arms on her way to the tub and I'm sure she was thinking please help the child and save me from the bath. Sorry Ally.  I let Sydney carry on with her painting in hopes I could accomplish one thing that morning.  She had beautifully painted black hands (fronts and backs) when I gathered her up to wash them off.  I'm talking layers and layers of paint.  She still has black paint under her fingernails tonight.  :o)

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