Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back in the USSR

Not just a Beatles song anymore. I am back in Russia and get to live it in winter this time. It was interesting returning after being away for only 6 weeks. We did so much in that time at home that I forgot what day to day life was like over here but am back in the routine already. Days are very short here now (9am-3:30 pm) so the evenings walking around in the city are behind me for now. Overall though its not all that cold here (granted it is a little warmer than usuall) but I think we'll get by just fine. This time at least I have Jen and the kids trip over to look forward to.

First couple days have been tough sleep shifting (slept 18 of 20 hours day I got here and averaging 4 hours a night sleep since). Should be back to normal by the weekend though. I got out a little the second day and went down to Red Square before they took down the decorations (their Christmas was celebrated 1/7 so a little later here). Its impressive anytime, but a little more magical with the snow and lights. I look forward to getting back to a few familiar places again and exploring some new ones too. Here are a few pictures from the first night out.

St. Basils at night in the snow.

Ice Rink in Red Square in front of the Gallaria.

Christmas Tree and the Kremlin.

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