Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let's wash away the flour...

Poor little animals.  They are covered in flour and need a bath.  Not to mention all the containers, spoons, and random objects subjected to flour play the other day.

Mommy really didn't want to wash them so guess who?!

As you can see it's a very logical process: 
1.  wash in soapy water
2.  rinse in clean water
3.  lay on the towel to dry

Excellent!  The sponge is being used and all things are starting in the right container.

Wait a second...things are going back and forth between the soapy water and clean water.

Sydney isn't even moving on to step 3, the dry towel!  She's in her own little world and might I add getting very very wet in the process.

Ok, so it didn't go as planned but things did get rinsed off including 2 little monkeys!  

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