Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The day it snowed at our house...

Since the beginning of January a friend and I have been taking turns having "preschool" at our home.  I take the kids for 3 hours on Tuesdays and she takes them for 3 hours on Wednesday.  Every other week on our day we load the kids up and take them to story time at the library.  All month we have been doing winter/season activities.  

It was another rainy day so I decided to bring out the messy stuff!
I already had a container filled with flour so it became snow.  Yes, flour can be very messy but is super easy to clean off.

Sydney is patiently waiting while Scott brushes the flour off all 25 animals! 

Next up: Shaving cream...I mean another form of snow!  We have done shaving cream before but I wanted to make a marbleized shaving cream picture like I saw at Child Central Station.

So they spread the shaving cream and food coloring around and I pressed a piece of card stock on top.

Some ended up with more on their hands than their tray. 
 I wonder how long food coloring last on your hands?

The same website had made ghosts out of shaving cream and glue so I thought it would be fun to make melted snowmen.  No one else wanted to participate.  I made my own :o)

To end the day we traced ourselves.  The idea was to color our bodies and at least put a face on them but I guess that's too much to ask 2 year olds.  They then put on some winter clothes (hat, boots and mittens).   

How many mittens tall are you?
Well Sydney is 6 whether she likes it or not because I ran out of mittens.

Scott does have a face you just can't see the crayon.

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