Sunday, October 31, 2010

The story of Halloween 2010

It's the eve of Halloween
And the children are a fright
In their spooky black shirts
And lots of candy in their sight.

Fright = Sydney and her pen colored knees

For Trick-or-Treating we went back to the old neighborhood and cooked out with friends. This guy, Darth Vader, showed up. A.K.A, Scott Maier so he says!

This is where I know I'll get it later in life from my daughter. I forgot her costume so she borrowed another little girl's "princess" skirt. I give you the mis-matched princess! I'll tell her it was an original idea.
She was really supposed to look like this. Thankfully when we went to Zoo Boo I managed to get her in full outfit for one photo.

Funny...the kids were up there for awhile and finally I went up to ask if they rang the doorbell (Scott's job since he's the tallest). He said there was no doorbell so they were just waiting...

He was fast this year!! Running from house to house. Unfortunately the other kids were 2 and under so not quite as into it as him. Sydney did keep up with him for the most part and shared in his enthusiasm.
Back at home we had a melt down. Nothing some milk can't fix!


Scott placed it all in our plastic pumpkin and carried it to the cupboard where he said "Let's find a spot for this. We can put it in here. Good night candy. You stay in here just in case we need some more candy."

Happy Halloween!!

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