Sunday, October 3, 2010

Back to the beach!

Last week we went back to the beach for 2 nights. We were a block from the beach so you could hear the waves and walk right out your door to the water! Scott kept commenting that this hotel was "Great!"
All bundled up and ready for the beach!

Scott is cheering for the waves to wash his boat to shore. Boy if we only knew what was coming at this point...
The picture doesn't show it but the water is way out. Every once in awhile the waves come way up on the sand. There is a great amount of wet sand to walk through to get to the water. Well, all of us were out on the wet sand. The water keeps getting further and further out and so do we. All of a sudden the waves come in and they keep on coming. We all run. I'm carrying Sydney and Scott is ahead of my, my mom behind. The water is so powerful and there is so far to run that Scott falls and rolls with the waves all they way up to our stuff. If you ask him about it he will demonstrate rolling with the waves as he explains what happened to him. We are all soaked!!
Keep in mind our stuff was far away from the wet sand. Chairs and all kinds of stuff gets washed out to sea. People who had no intentions of dipping their toes in the water were soaked. It was so unexpected. We all have a better appreciateion for the ocean after that. My mom lost her watch and thank goodness for the wagon because the water went underneath and whatever was inside did not get wet (my camera for one). Needless to say there was no more cameara at the beach after this incident.

This is also before the "incident." Notice all the dry sand :o)

Day 2 we went to a city called Seaside and visited the aquaium.

What a look!

Headed out for a night stroll along the beach.

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