Monday, October 18, 2010

Night out in the City

I had been sticking around the room by around sundown as of yet, so it was time to get out in the city after dark. Decided to take in a hockey game, so headed down to the arena to watch Dinamo Moscow play. It was a very interesting game, the arena from the outside looks like a smallish college arena and similar inside as well. Instead of large concourses with consession stands there were some folding tables scattered about with hand packaged items. The rows inside were extreamly tight. To get to my seat I had squeeze past around 60 straight people (they were pretty happy). The game was great, its a faster game over here but much less physical. Couple of ex-NHLers on the ice so it was fun to watch.

On the way home I realized I had not seen Red Square at night yet, so I had to jump off the Metro and look. As I wrote before Red Square is pretty awe-inspiring when you see it for the first time, but maybe even more so at night. I guess it adds to the atmosphere but seeing it against the lights and the night sky was special.

It still has not become too cold yet, but we have gotten some snow off and on. The first snow of the year came last week and stuck just enough to cover the ground in white for a few hours. Just a sign of the times to come I guess, but hopefully that will wait for the next trip. Next weekend I head to the launch site for the Russian resupply rocket. Hopefully more good pics to come.

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