Sunday, October 24, 2010

Home after 1 week...

I took these pictures tonight while the kids were eating their juice pops outside. After looking at this picture I think it's ridiculous that it's an evening at the end of October yet the kids are sweating in shorts and a sun dress while eating popsicles. Really??!! Where's the "fall" weather?

After one week (and A LOT of help) I'm starting to feel at home. Eric's parent's came back down this weekend and there was a lot of unpacking, organizing, and heavy lifting.
Some friends came back over this afternoon and put the swing set back together. Yes, that's right. There is a pool in our backyard at the end of October.
The garage got a huge makeover this weekend. It's all ready for Eric to set up his work bench :o)
The game room is messy but you can see that there are places to put the toys.
The guest bedroom is ready for visitors! No need to look in the closet...
I might take pictures of the rest of the house later once I've cleaned but don't hold your breath on both of those things occurring at the same time.

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