Monday, October 18, 2010

House Closing Day

What an experience! Moving is a lot of work. I'm finally posting pictures of the past weekend's move. Even though Eric is not in the pictures he is the reason we were able to close on Friday. Thursday afternoon we find out that our loan paper work is not ready and we won't be able to close until sometime this week. Eric spent 24 hours making phone calls, sending emails and just finding the right people to get this done Friday as planned. Amazingly he did it and I couldn't be more grateful to have the move behind us! Eric's parents were also able to come down which helped so much!

Now Sydney shouts out, "That's our house!" when we round the corner to the new house and Scott asks if we are going back to the "new" house each time we go out so I think they like it!

Who can resist running and rolling around on the empty floor!

The stairs are definitely a hit! It was on Scott's new house must have list. Sorry that we didn't get that pool you wanted but maybe one day, Scott.

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