Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cutting and Gluing

There has been a lot of art going on here this week. I guess I'm just making up for lost time. It's also great to have everything right there in the same room and plenty of space for creating!

Glue and scissors are the favorites. Good thing I stocked up on glue at the beginning of the school year (like 30 bottles or more) because it's not used in moderation as you can tell.

From the time we put the house on the market to now, Scott's cutting skills have changed drastically. I don't think he picked up a scissors during that time frame but he's actually cutting pieces of paper now which he wasn't doing before.

Sydney is so patient. She makes little snips here and there. Her skills have developed as well. She can position the scissors by herself. They may be backwards...

What a mess!

Ally "cut" her fair share too!

Good thing it's still fun to clean up the mess.

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