Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas cookies

Yesterday was the start of Christmas baking. I decided to try Martha Stewart's recipe and whipped up chocolate and vanilla sugar cookie batches with the help of everyone. There were no pictures of that because it was a little crazy keeping 2 batches straight and everyone was being SO helpful!

Then it was time for rolling, cutting and baking. Scott wasn't expecting this step. The dough was chilling in the fridge and I think he thought it was setting like our jello does and he would get to eat the cookies after this step. He kept sneaking peeks in the fridge :o)

So here we go...




Sydney kept right on decorating until the last batch was finished. She was a fan of the sprinkles. As you can see she did try an M&M which I neglected to wipe off her face before all the photos were taken. She has yet to try one of her finished cookies but I did catch her smelling the chocolate dough periodically. Scott was done after the first batch came out of the oven.

A sampling of our cookies
Burning some energy after the sugar high!

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