Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It's countdown until daddy gets home around here. We are down to 10 days I believe :o) The evenings can be the longest parts of the day... Thankfully tonight was activity packed!

It all started when I said I was going to make dinner. 2 seconds later they are sitting at the table ready to eat and I don't even know what I'm making yet! This is not good so I pull out my can of shaving cream which I had been saving for months just waiting for a desperate moment.

Scott dove right in while Sydney dipped a finger :o) Can you spot their personality differences?!

Wow, Sydney! Don't hold back!
Ahhh, yes... the painting of the arm. This is done with paint, markers and now shaving cream.

Now they are both into it!

So then dinner was ready and the picnic table was clean and smelling fresh. Talk about your win-win activity! Tonight's feast was dinosaur (chicken) nuggets. Scott ate the heads. Only after telling him he could not go outside in the rain did he eat some bodies.

It's now 5:30pm, dark and rainy. I have hours to go until bedtime and they both took a nap so the night looks long indeed. Outside in the rain they go! Sydney insisted on wearing her tennis shoes.

Then there was some painting (of paper and arms), baths and finally running around throwing clothes in the air. Scott finally stopped and said, "I'm tired. I need a drink and a snack."
Mission Completion!

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